Wellness Store

Wellness Store

It’s all about your prosperity, health, and happiness. At our wellness store, we offer you life-changing solutions for your body, mind, and Spiritl. We provide different kinds of activities that range from art, music, and therapy, including the following:



What We Offer:

• Yoga Dance
• Healing Diseases
• Healing Relationships
• Healing the Wounds of Life
• Energy Balancing
• Therapeutic Body Tune-up
• Releasing the Past


• Building Confidence
• Finding Your True-Self
• Finding Your Soul Mate
• Finding Your Purpose
• Finding Your Personal Path of Life
• Guided Stress Release
• Relaxation and Meditation
• Energy Cleansing


• Becoming a Motivational Speaker
• Business Consulting
• Sales TrainingAngel Cards
• Reiki• Channeling and Physic Reading
• Shamanic Ceremonial Blessings*     Astrological Readings


• Fire Dancing
• LED Poi Twirler
• Meditative Drum Circles
• Didgeridoo Sound Healing
• Music Healing
• One-on-One Consultations
• Group Consultations




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